How to download youtube video (VERY EASY)

Ok hi guys! Actually this is my first post after awhile I left my blog about more than 5 months (claps). So today I'm gonna do some tutorial/HOW? for those that have emailed me. Before we start, you can email me at and I'll fulfill all the request as long I'm free. 
Let's start it!

1. Let me explain first. Actually theres a lot website that have this kind of service but I dont prefer you to use all them cause we dont know if theres actually a scam web. So I usually used this website and so far theres no any virus or problem that affected my laptop. Yeah, for your information its suit well Mac too. So for Mac's user dont worry!


Once you open it, 

2. Second step would be, open YOUTUBE. Then, search whatever video that you want. Then, please focus to the url box (up)

Copy it! 

Some of you dont know how to copy and paste right?
So heres a little note.

For Mac,
1. Highlight the link
2. Press  Command+C (keyboard)
3. To paste, press  Command+V(keyboard)

For others, (honestly, I dont really sure but I'm gonna share some)
1. Same like before, highlight the link
2. Then, right click and click cut/copy
3. To paste, you just need to press right click and click paste
4. Or you can follow these shortcuts steps (copy) ^ Ctrl+
5. (paste) ^ Ctrl+V

Then, ofcourse you can see tho white rectangular box and the yellow rectangular box filled with download word. Paste it! After that, click the download button/yellow button. (you may follow the example under the box)

3. Focus to download links side. Click more and find,


I dont really prefer you to choose these,

Again honestly I dont try it before but seems theres AUDIO & a symbol that shows (no speaker) maybe you could recognize it.

Wait until the file finish downloading and then, you can watch the video even without internet! or you can share it to your friends too. Heres my result.

Hope this tutorial gonna help you guys lot! Dont forget to request and comment if theres any step that you still unsure, okay? For those that have your own way, you may share at down below. Let's sharing and caring! Bye.

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