How To Close Large Pores?

ok hi guys! Actually theres many ways to avoid pores or close our pores but I've try this way and its really works on me. I hope as well on you.

The secret is...................

Yes! Baking powder yo. Maybe you guys will ask me, if theres only baking soda so is it will works too? Em, baking soda needs an acidic ingridient like lemon juice to activate it while baking powder basically baking soda with the acid already built in. So, baking powder more easier than baking soda!

If in Malaysia, you may get this baking powder at tho bakery nearby. So cheap! Around RM2 (so far RM2 was the market price)

Then, water also the main character in this topic!! Please dont use water direct from sink because theres maybe got germs or any virus (who knows right?) So use warm water will be better. 

After that, we just need a small plate or bowl for mixture all the ingridient. Hm dont forget a spoon or you may just use your finger to put on the paste! (i used mine too)

So lets start it!

1. Make a paste from one tablespoon of baking soda with little warm water.

Actually, as soon as you pour them together, the bubble will came out! (this is fun!) Please dont be too shock or panic hahhahah.

               I used all the bubbles already because that time I'm so panic.

2. Apply the paste to problem areas leave to dry for 5 to 10 minutes.

(google source)

Because of mine was in unhijab so I cant share :( FYI, your face will so refreshing after that. The bubbles were so great! (i lap bubbles)

Finish! These steps will help to minimize the appearance of pores, while also helping to fight acne! Dont forget to request any how? through this email too. I hope this how? will help you guys lot! Enjoy and bye.


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